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Discover our inclusive facilitated playgroup, designed to create a fun and enriching environment for children of all abilities, including those with special needs. Our primary focus is on nurturing essential social skills, cleverly woven into engaging play activities.

With a small group size of 4-6 children, each session is thoughtfully guided by two experienced behavior counselors dedicated to supporting and facilitating play for 60 minutes. This ensures that every child receives individualized attention and assistance as they navigate social interactions and develop essential skills.
Through carefully crafted play experiences, our playgroup aims to enhance communication, cooperation, empathy, problem-solving, and other vital social abilities. We believe that play is a powerful tool for learning and growth, allowing children to naturally explore, practice, and master social skills in a joyful and inclusive setting.
Join us in this exciting journey where your child can thrive, make new friends, and build essential social skills in a safe and supportive play environment.

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